September 23rd, 2014

The final edit for the movie: Dans met de Duivel is locked, now only the music and the sound department have to do their magic.


September 10th, 2014

The music video by Andre van den Boogaart : Met de Duivel op mijn hielen is online. see it here


September 3rd, 2014

The trailer of :Dans met de Duivel is online. see it here


June 16th, 2014 

Our soccer team has beaten Spain yesterday with a crushing blow of 5 till 1 on the Worldcup in Brasil, now we are currently in the post production process of our minimal movie: Dans met de Duivel


January 30th, 2014

The teaser trailer for the feature Dans met de Duivel is online. 


February 11th, 2013

Portfolio has been updated, check my work.


February 10th, 2013

The screenplay for the upcoming movie "Guzman" is rewritten, pre-production is on it's way.


December 21st, 2012

Teaser Trailer of the short " Recht door onrecht " is online. see it here.


December 19th, 2012

Website online